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Fonds d'appui au rayonnement des régions
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Canadians recognize the important role businesses and managers play in creating job opportunities for Canada and fostering economic development. This is why Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada as well as the Canadian Provincial Governments have developed several programs to attract business candidates for immigration to Canada.


Canada is internationally renowned for the strength of its economy, and considered one of the best places for doing business especially for the ease with which a business can be created and operated successfully.

Canadian provinces offer several options to managers, business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to Canada. Under the Canadian Constitution, immigration to Canada is a shared responsibility between the Federal Canadian Gopvernment and provincial governments. All provinces and territories have entered into agreements with the  Federal Government to select business immigrants to Canada.


Quebec has a separate agreement whereby it operates its own business immigration programs for self employed persons, entrepreneurs and investors. Learn more about the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program .


All the other provinces and Canadian territories offer Provincial Nominee Programs, called PNP, for immigrration to Canada by entrepreneurs and investors.



Learn more about each PNP by clicking on the following links, arranged by province and from East to West:



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