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20 Jun 2017 - Canada's International Gateway
Immigration and Refugee Board Review – Terms of Reference
20 Jun 2017 - Canada's International Gateway
Ministers Hussen, Freeland, Joly and Bibeau mark World Refugee Day
20 Jun 2017 - Canada's International Gateway
Citizenship Bill Receives Royal Assent
20 Jun 2017 - Canada's International Gateway
Bill C-6 Receives Royal Assent
12 Jun 2017 - Canada's International Gateway
Government of Canada launches the Global Skills Strategy
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Canada is renowned for its excellent education system. Every year tens of thousands of foreign students come from across the world to study in Canada.


Furthermore, the tuition fees for foreign students and the costs of studying in Canada are generally much lower than in other developed countries such as the US or the UK.


Foreign students come to Canada for many reasons:


  1. Some come for a few weeks in Canadian summer camps to learn either French or English while at the same time participating in supervised recreational activities and get to know students for many parts of the world and different cultures. If you are among those please enquire further about   Learning English and French in Summer Camps   
  2. Others come here with the view of improving their knowledge of English or French as a tool to further their careers or improve their employment prospects in their home country. Learn more Learning English or French in Canada
  3. Still others, come to Canada to study as a means to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. As such, they may choose to register in a study program leading to a vocational diploma or a college degree at the graduate of postgraduate level. Admission to such programs may require that they first improve their knowledge of English or French. There are several advantages to getting a diploma or degree from a designated Canadian learning institution, such as being able to work up to 20 hours weekly during the schoolyear, being granted a post-graduation work permit to remain to work up to 3 years in Canada, and to apply for permanent residence from within the country. Learn more about Studying in Canada to Immigrate


With the help of Siminca Canadian Educational Services, you will find the program of studies that best suits your goals and opens the doors to a better future.


We represent a range of recognised language schools in the main cities of Canada, from the modern city of Vancouver located on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, to Calgary on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, Toronto in central Canada and the more European infused cities of Montreal and Quebec City located on the eastern part of this vast country.


Send us a  REQUEST FOR INFORMATION and schedule an appointment with us to discuss your project to study in Canada and evaluate your options

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