Obtaining a Student Visa and Study Permit in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Studying in Canada is a wonderful opportunity to discover a new country, learn a new language, acquire an internationally recognized degree or diploma, and immerse yourself in a foreign and exciting culture. Acquiring a student visa is a multi-faceted process, and one the experts at Siminca Inc. are well-equipped to help you with.

Canadian educational institutions in all Canadian provinces offer a wide variety of programs, both in English and French, to help international students from the rest of the world acquire a college degree or technical diploma, and later on immigrate to Canada after graduating if they so desire. Obtaining a degree in Canada will enhance your profile for permanent residence.

From the professionals at Siminca Inc., here is everything you need to know about acquiring a study permit in Canada:

What Is a Study Permit?

Most foreign nationals require a valid study permit to enroll and study at a Canadian university or other school. A study permit allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) across Canada. Foreign Student candidates must first receive an acceptance letter from the DLI they hope to attend and then apply for a study permit. It is important to apply for a study permit prior to travelling to Canada.

Study Permit Requirements

While residing in Canada with a study permit, there are certain regulations students must abide by. These include:

  • continuing enrollment at a DLI
  • respecting all conditions listed in the permit including making study the main purpose of their stay
  • making active progress to complete the program
  • halting studying if ceasing to meet the requirements
  • exiting Canada once the permit has expired

Depending on a student’s specific situation and the DLI in which a student is enrolled, there may be additional conditions, such as:

  • the ability to work in Canada
  • the level and program of studies authorized
  • the exit date from Canada

How to Apply for a Study Permit?

Before a candidate may apply for a study permit in Canada, a letter of acceptance must be obtained from the chosen educational institution. Candidates must also hold a valid passport and provide proof of financial support, that is, demonstrate they have sufficient funds to attend the program of their choice and support themselves while studying in Canada.

Applications may either be submitted Online or on paper and must, in all cases, be accompanied by the prescribed forms and all the documents required by Canadian immigration authorities, as well as study permit processing fees.

Additional Documents and Information

Once an application has been received by a Canadian visa office, a candidate and any accompanying family member may be required to provide extra information. This may include medical examination and security information.

At Siminca Inc., we are dedicated to helping people immigrate to Canada for permanent or temporary residency to study, do business, or travel. With years of experience and a diverse staff, we are equipped with the expertise to advise, counsel, and assist any individual looking to come from their home country to study in Canada.

Why Study in Canada

Canada is renowned for its excellent education system. Every year, tens of thousands of foreign students come from across the world to study in Canada.

Furthermore, the tuition fees for foreign students and the costs of studying in Canada are generally much lower than in other developed countries, such as the US or the UK.

Foreign students come to Canada for many reasons:

  1. Some come for a few weeks in Canadian summer camps to learn either French or English, while simultaneously participating in supervised recreational activities and getting to know students from many parts of the world. If you are among those, please inquire further about learning English and French in summer camps. 
  2. Others come here with the purpose of improving their knowledge of English or French in order to further their careers or increase their employment prospects in their home country. Learn more about learning English or French in Canada.
  3. Still, others come to Canada to study with the goal of becoming a permanent resident. As such, they may choose to register in a study program leading to a vocational diploma or a college degree at the graduate of postgraduate level. Admission to such programs may require that they first improve their knowledge of English or French. There are several advantages to getting a diploma or degree from a designated Canadian learning institution, such as being able to work up to 20 hours weekly during the schoolyear, being granted a post-graduation work permit to remain working up to three years in Canada, and being permitted to apply for permanent residency from within the country. Learn more about studying in Canada to immigrate.

With the help of Siminca Canadian Educational Services, you will find the program of studies that best suits your goals and opens the doors to a better future.

We represent a range of recognized language schools in the main cities of Canada, from the modern city of Vancouver located on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, to Calgary on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, Toronto in central Canada, and the more European-infused cities of Montreal and Quebec City located on the eastern part of this vast, scenic country.

How Siminca Can Help

Studying in Canada on a student visa is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, explore a beautiful country, meet new people all the while learning French of English, or prepare for a new career. Learn how you can study English and French and get a degree from a renowned Canadian university or other educational institution with the help of Siminca Inc. Complete our free student assessment form and one of our advisors will contact you.

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