Quebec Experience Program

Canadian ancestral home in winter near Ste-Anne

The Quebec experience program offers a simplified and accelerated process to be selected for immigration in the province of Quebec. It is designed to facilitate immigration in Canada for two categories of candidates :

  1. Worker stream :workers with at least 1 year experience in Quebec in the previous 24 months
  2. Student Stream : holders of an eligible professional or technical diploma, or university degree at the graduate or postgraduate level from a government recognized Quebec educational institution.

Under the Quebec Experience Program candidates proceed in 2 steps:

  1. First apply to Quebec immigration authorities for a Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC) ; this typically is granted to qualiying candidates within approximately 30 days of applying ;
  2. Then, after receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate, apply to Canadian immigration authorities to became a permanent resident of Canada.
If you have worked full time in Quebec during for at least 12 of the last 24 months and are still employed, or if you have obtained or will soon obtain a diploma of degree from a Quebec educational instirution  please read more about the Quebec Experience Program for students  and about the Quebec Experience Program for workers