Quebec Experience Program for Workers

Temporary Foreign workers who are currently employed in Quebec may qualify to immigrate to Canada under the Quebec Experience Class for workers if they meet the following conditions :

  1. have the intention to settle in the province of Quebec;
  2. are at least 18 years old;
  3. hold a job eligible for the Quebec experience program and have held one such a job for at least 12 of the past 24 months;
  4. have conformed to the conditions which apply to a temporary foreign worker;
  5. have a knowledge of oral French, equal to at least an intermediate level

A candidate’s work experience to qualify under the Quebec experience class for workers must be:

  1. full time (least 30 paid hours per week) ;  and
  2. in a skilled job :  defined as a job at the managerial, professional or technical level  that is a skill level higher than “C” under the National Occupations Classification (NOC).

Full-time work experience gained in the framework of the post-graduation work permit program, a youth exchange program, or an employment internship that is not connected to a study program in Québec may be taken into account if they meet all the requirements of the Quebec experience program.

If you believe that you may qualify to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate to immigrate to Canada and wish to apply please complete and send us the following Contact Request  form.

If you hold a degree or diploma from a Quebec learning institution you may qualify. Explore the Quebec experience program for students option.